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Open tabs in background

Ryan Knaus
  • Ryan Knaus
    Ryan Knaus

    Is there any way to open tabs in an external browser without that browser opening in front of RSSOWL? I have tried with both ie7 and Firefox, and no matter what settings I try it seems to always open "on top" of RSSOWL.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Faust Bargain
      Faust Bargain

      As a work-around, you can change the following Firefox setting to TRUE:


      This will force all tabs to load in the background.

    • Let us know if there is any argument you can pass to the browser to make this happen, I havent seen something like that until now. RSSOwl simply starts the exe of the browser and thats it.

    • Faust Bargain
      Faust Bargain

      Twhirl, a twitter third party app, is able to do this (open up firefox tabs in the background, without shifting focus to FF).

    • Keith Anderson
      Keith Anderson

      Let me see if I understand what you are looking for.............

      You are in RSSOwl and you see something you want to read more about.
      You click on the feed title in the preview window.
      Focus stays in RSSOwl but FireFox, which is not seen, opens up a new tab with the webpage for that article.
      Now, you see three more feeds you want to read more about.
      So, you click on them just like before.
      Now, you minimize RSSOwl and you see the FireFox window.
      In FireFox you see four tabs which have the four articles you wanted to read more about.

      If that is what you want, it is the same as what I'm looking for.
      I download RSSOwl last week and can't find out how to select that setting.
      I was using the Brief feedreader but it was giving me problems with FireFox on a slow PC.
      In Brief I could middle click a feed and a new tab would open with the webpage but the focus would
      always stay in Brief.

      I guess I just want to do a quick pick of what I might be interested in and then read them afterwards.

      If someone more experienced with RSSOwl could help us, that would be greatly appreciated.