Maximum number of headlines per feed???

  • It seems that the maximum number of headlines per newsfeed in RSSOwl 1.2 is limited to 40.
    Is this by design? Can I raise this limit? If I do not read the new headlines, they are gone.

    Is it also possible to save just 1 headline in some kind of Personal Storage File/Feed?

    • For me the maximum number of feed is 20, is there a way I can increase to 30 or 40 (like you peple have ),or this is because of the version I am running.


      • RSSOwl is displaying News as they come from the feed. No way to define any number of News to display (yet).


    • RSSOwl is displaying news as they come from the feed.


    • "RSSOwl is displaying news as they come from the feed"
      That's I think is not true...
      I have one channel from that feeds a lot of news all the day. In anothers RSS agregators, add 20 or 30 news each "reload".
      But in RSSOWL I have 30 "no-readed" news always.
      If I read 5 the next reload, the channel gets five new news...30 always.
      I think RSSOWL is not taking to me all the news, only gets the needed news to get the top...30 (for me is 30 not 40).
      Is there any option to change?
      I don't see nothing about this in any config dialog.

      • No its the way I described. If the Feed stores 30 News, exactly these number is displayed in RSSOwl. That way of course, News that are no longer part of the Feed, are no longer being displayed. This is a known issue and will be changed in future releases.