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Sean Kelly
  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly

    Hi all!

    Question about "syncing" with feeds in GoogleReader. I recently switched to
    Linux at home (after the last 15 years on Windows) and was a user of Feeddemon
    on my old system. Recently found RSSOwl to be the best thing for Linux and
    loving it. However, one of the features from Feeddemon that I liked was that
    it "synced" with GoogleReader in that when i marked a feed "read" it didn't
    download it again as "unread".

    I still use Feeddemon during the day at work (have to use Windows there) but
    when i come home, i'm getting feeds in my RSSOwl that I've already read marked
    "unread". Am i not setting something up right or does RSSOwl only import the
    feeds for now and, if so, are there any plans for a "sync" feature?

    Thanks! Love the app!

  • Tom

    I am sure other people have looked into plug-in tools to provide 3rd party
    synchronisation as well. So I don't know if anyone has looked into this , ie a
    plug-in to maintain a "fuller" synchronisation with google reader.

    However a simple solution to the problem as you have set out, would be to hook
    whatever the readArticle() function is in rssowl with a call to the
    googleReader read article URL;

    This would require you to store your google auth details in rssowl, but it
    would be fairly simple to implement.

  • freeballer

    This would defintely be a great. I hope they are listening

  • Tom

    I had a quick look into doing this as a interim before the 2.1 version of
    rssowl came out... (but it doesn't look good)

    It seems that google reader uniquely identify the articles in their reader
    atom feeds by an "id" tag that they generate of the format
    ",2005:reader/item/e65b119cc5c6e8e8", and don't use the feed
    guid like "http://www.complete-

    so unless there was a google reader function to return an id for a given guid,
    or some way to search feeds on the guid (which google reader calls original-id
    in their atom format feed) then it would seem the only way to tag rssowl
    articles (as read, keep unread, starred etc) would be to download the whole
    feed xml, and tag each rssowl article with the google reader id, so it can be
    sent at the point when the article is read.

    There is a partially completed implementation of a google reader API in Java

    which is apparently unsupported, and needs fixes to work with oAuth the
    ClientLogon interface is going to stop working soon...

  • The 2.1 beta has been updated with support for Google Reader synchronization
    and many bugfixes. Please read on at

  • Daniel


    Is this a first reply to your new beta with Google Reader sync?! Yay!

    BTW, how do i add a star in RSS Owl to test and see if it syncs well?

    Congratulations on this milestone effort! :)

  • I have updated our FAQ on to explain the sync support (http://www.
    The star
    in google reader maps to the sticky state in RSSOwl.

  • Daniel


    Thanks again! I haven't been excited about a feed reader in quite some time!

    RSS Owl seems to be a bit slower at starting up than Feeddemon but it makes of
    for it in switching between feeds. ;)

  • Yeah startup time is not the best. I usually solve this by never closing
    RSSOwl ;)