about a warning in the event wiever

  • amos belvisi
    amos belvisi

    Hi. My name in Amos Belvisi. Sorry for my english.
    I use and like the software RSSOwl release 2.1.6 installed on a PC with W XP Home Edition SP3 updated. The firewall is the one included in the Operating System. NOD32 6.0 is my antivirus.
    Every now and then when i update a FEED or i close RSSOwvl in the event wiever i can see a warning:

    ORIGINE: Tcpip
    Categoria: nessuno
    ID evento: 4226
    TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.

    You can see an image at this link:

    The problem is displayed at this link:

    Is it possible to try a solution about this problem by the settings of RSSOwl software?
    Thanks for your attention.
    Best regards.

    Amos Belvisi

  • genodeftest

    What is your feed update interval? Do you have other applications doing multiple network connections running? This could e.g. be multiple browsers or badly configured browsers, P2P software, ….
    Can you please run
    Netstat –no
    in the terminal (select "Run" in Start menu and type 'cmd.exe' without ' )?

  • amos belvisi
    amos belvisi

    I update my feeds manually. I don't have other applications doing multiple network connectiones while I use rssowl. I use only a browser ( firefox 20.0.1) I don't use P2P software.
    If I run netstat -no command I obtain only help instruction. Thanks for your post.
    Best regards