• Hi,
    Privoxy does not seem to work in Preferences > Proxy settings.
    Could you fix that?
    It would be nice to have the filtering capabilities

    • Could you please explain in more detail what happens and how your setup is?


    • Yes.
      Rssowl > Preferences > Proxy
      Use proxy : checked
      Proxy Host:
      Proxy Port: 8118 (default)

      use proxy for all favorites : checked

      I run privoxy unter windows xp pro.
      I have the same proxy settings for mozilla, ie6 and some other clients and the filtering works fine.
      With rssowl, there is no error message and filtering does not take place at all.
      I thing privoxy only handles the http protocol at the moment. (Which should be not a problem for rssowl)
      Also the privoxy tray icon does not animate while i use rssowl to request a newsfeed.
      With the other clients always the privoxy tray icon animates.
      I hope this little information can help a bit

      • Please doublecheck that for the loading favorite the "Use Proxy" flag is also set in Preferences.

        If that is not working maybe have a try with an early preview-version of RSSOwl 1.1, available from

        It uses a completly different library to load newsfeeds. This also changes the way the Proxy is used.


    • Thank you for your quick response & advice
      I have found the source of the problem
      I had in the internet properties for ie the proxy server settings deactivated.
      It was my error and not something wrong with rssowl
      Now everything works as it should be
      For the record:
      Windows Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Internet Options > Connections TAB > Settings > and finally:
      Proxy Server
      Use a proxy server for this connection : checked
      Port : 8118 (default for Privoxy)

      By the way : Rssowl rocks !!!

      • Great to hear that :).