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    I want to be able to have selected feeds that don't match various saved
    searches marked read or otherwise processed. I can't figure out how to do this
    unless I duplicate all of my search criteria in the filter. I also need to
    know whether my filter runs before or after the matching for searches. So,
    what I'd like to proposed is:

    • a way to say to run the filter before/after search matching is done
    • a condition that allows selection of 1 or more saved searches that the articles should/shouldn't match
  • Yes, negation of searches is not possible for filters, hence a valid request
    for enhancement. I am not sure about "before / after search is run". If a
    filter's search matches on a news, its actions are executed. Only one filter
    ever is executed for a news, going from top to bottom in the list of filters
    you defined.

  • P Cause
    P Cause

    I have "saved searches" and the question is are these matched before or after
    news filters? I want to choose whether a filter is run before/after we know
    somehting matches a saved search.

    Does that help explain better?

  • Well the fact that a news is matched in a saved search has no real impact on
    filters. When a news is downloaded, the filter is first applied before its
    saved into the RSSOwl profile. Only when the news is saved, will the searches
    have a chance to apply. So, a filter will always first be applied to a news
    before it would match any search.