RSS Owl leads to Blue Screen

  • nick normal
    nick normal

    i'm running RSS Owl 1.2.2 on a WindowsXP laptop. i was introduced to RSS Owl on my still-running desktop computer, but now use my laptop for nearly all my digital enjoyment.
    since moving RSS Owl to my laptop, i've had some problems. on occassion, i get a Blue Screen Of Death. it always happens when I am 'aggregating all favorites'. it isn't a specific feed, but something with it trying to reach out, causes XP to crash severely. it is not some other chance application, it is definitely RSS Owl! it probably happens once or twice a week now.

    since the crashing began, i have been slowly adjusting my settings, and i haven't found out much, but this:
    i have set all feeds to reload every hour, but NOT on startup. reloading on startup caused something to crash, as it is like aggregating all favorites. BUT, with it set to reload every hour, things are okay. it reloads in the background, but i have to wait an HOUR from booting up/launching RSS Owl, to get my current news!! if i press 'aggregate all favorites' i'm taking a big risk of loosing everything i have open! ahhhhhhhhh!!!

    i don't know why it reloading every hour is somehow safe. it's as if the app has been running for some time so it feels comfortable. but we all know applications don't feel comfort! and damnit i want my news!

    anyhow of course XP reboots and gives me some 'please report this error' window. i'm not sure if it is of any use, but here's the 'error signature' it reported back:

    BCCode: 10000050
    BCP1: B3990938
    BCP2: 00000000
    BCP3: B7323BDF
    BCP4: 00000000
    OSVer: 5_1_2600
    SP: 2_0
    Product: 256_1

    like i said, on my desktop machine, RSS Owl worked fine. but on my lappie, troubles. the problem occurs when i sent out some packets to retrieve feeds, and i'm using wireless on my lappie so maybe there's a conflict with the wireless (made by Intel chip) driver? hope not. but i don't know.

    good day, and excellent application otherwise! snap!

    • nick normal
      nick normal

      i think i had 1.2.3 downloaded but not installed; since installing i haven't noticed the problem, so your save-state looks like it did the trick. we were thinking about the same feature it seems :)
      cheers, Nick

      • Good to hear that!

    • That sounds bad. How many feeds do you reload at once when you hit the "Aggregate All" Button?

      Please check the home directory of RSSOwl in "C:/Documents and Settings/" for any logs.

      Also, check Preferences > Connection. There is a setting where you can control how many parallel connections RSSOwl should do at once. Reduce this value to something like 4. Does this make things better?


    • nick normal
      nick normal

      thanks for the help. well i probably access around 40-50 feeds. the previous 'Preferences -> Connection' setting was something like 30! maybe that was just overload, eh? i dropped it down to 3. since, i haven't had a crash but things take longer, of course, but also i seem to have a lot of timeouts now. is this standard do you think? i haven't had a crash yet, but like i said before it would happen around once a week, so it wasn't like everytime it crashed, so i should still test these settings for a while. and unfortunately the logs folder was empty, so there wasn't any pertinent information in there to retrieve.

      thanks again for the assistance. while i have this thread open i'd also like to say that feed retention would be a great feature! cheers!

      • Right, 30 is quite a lot. I would try it with 16, 8 and if thats not helping 4. Please let me know how its performing then over time.


    • nick normal
      nick normal


      i've been running your suggestions for a while now, and i haven't had a crash since. thanks a lot.

      however, i have noticed some weird bug. if i leave RSSOwl running, and do my standard shutdown, which is to press 'ctrl+alt+delete' (bring up Windows Task Manager) then 'alt+u' (for 'Shut Down' menu) then 'u' (to Shut Down) (typing these buttons is faster than any button-clicking) then when I restart RSSOwl the next time I boot up, then some of my settings aren't saved; most notably any feeds i have 'read' re-appear as unread! if i open RSSOwl and properly exit it, before shutting down, things are okay, but this is a pain to do and i don't always remember, so then I end up reading things over and over.

      Thanks again for your assistance.

      Cheers, Nick

      • I assume you run RSSOwl 1.2.3? In this version I added support to let RSSOwl save the state of unread/read News periodically. The automatic save-interval is set to 20 seconds.

        Maybe you could experiment and make sure to wait for at least 20 seconds before shutting down. Does it work then?