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Feature Request:New Layout-OnlyImages

  • Bob

    Hello everyone!
    I really like Rss Owl for its funcionality,multiple folders and ton of other customization.Awesome program! But I think it should have this Image only layout.

    Some people(including me) using using rss to view some image galeries, and if you have a lot of them you need to scroll a lot))and it is kind of not suited for this kind of things
    I am using Newspaper layout right now and it looks like this:

    would be really awesome to have some sort of layout just for images
    smth like this:

    every image is separate feed (if feed has more images they just going one after another)
    they all arranged in smth like in HTML float:left
    Images are clickable and links going to its feeds
    when you hold your mouse on image you can see image title

    Also would be cool to have some options like enlarge images wich is smaler than: 64px in height