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    Hello there,
    Not sure if this is the right place to do so, but it's the most accessible:
    I just wanted to say thanks for RSSOwl. I've been using this software for literally years with great joy and love all its features and interface. I never cared much about Google Reader and all the other web RSS-readers; I prefer to have a local, cross-platform and very powerful applications to aggregate and filter my news the way I want them. There's recent talk about that RSS as a technology might be dying, but I don't really see that -- the only sites that don't provide RSS feeds are those that desperately try (and fail) to be a replacement for it, i.e. Twitter etc.

    If it ever reaches the point where most people stop supporting RSS feeds by default, or rather the CMS on which they rely, RSSOwl might evolve an additional component -- a highly customizable news scraping engine possibly, which extracts the news directly from the source of the website instead of having to rely on RSS or other feed formats. This of course would already be a useful feature for the rare instances where it's not possible to get a news-feed and one doesn't want to rely on "web2rss"-services and the like. For now I am very happy, but of course a little bit worried about RSS continually being used less and less over time.

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  • M Woffenden
    M Woffenden

    RSS is alive and well, however, many sites do not offer it. For those cases, consider a tool such as

  • Thanks Chris!