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Vicente Rico

  • Hello, i'm developing an app for taking movies info from internet, and i wanna to i18n my app.
    I've search for info about it, but all i get is the resourcebundle methods, and i've seen you do in your program in other way, i like more.
    Can you tell me, please, how can i do the same, i mean, where can i find a good tutorial to i18n my program in the same maner as you do. I tried to view your source code, but globally i don't understand all the code, and i wanna know if you can explain in short how can i do.

    Thanks for your work i good work your rssowl. I want you continue with him, but is not actualized more regularly.

    • The way RSSOwl is doing it is not the recommended way. You should really use resourcebundles.


    • Excuse me, i take my mane in the subjet objet. It was an error. The subject is "I18n my app".

      Thanks and excuse me..