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Non-alphanumeric characters don't display

  • Not a very big bug, non-alphanumeric characters, like the UK pound sign and (quite annoyingly) apostrophes do not display properly in headlines or rss news articles. A typical example:

    Will we ever have cars that don't pollute? Leo Hickman road tests the world's first 'green' SUV.

    • Could you post the URl of the feed? Most likely the feed is just doing something wrong.


    • The feed is:


      Now that you mention it, I notice that the problem seems to be a little intermittent. You could well be right.

    • Even Firefox is showing these "'", so I guess it is on their side to fix it.

      I wonder why the are using CDATA-Tags in combination with escaped entities. Any parser will ignore entity-expansion in CDATA-Tags.

      That is what RSSOwl is doing here and I think it is correct.


    • I've done a little experiment, and the easiest way to fix this 'problem' is to enable the option "display newstext in browser". That way it looks perfect even if it's not strictly correct.

      Perhaps it would be good to make this the default setting, as long as the browser was working?

      • Ok cool. This is the default setting btw.