open links in background

  • dentarg

    Is it possible to make links opened in RSSOwl to open in the background not bringing Firefox (or any other webbrowser you might use) in front?

    It would save me some clicks because I like to open all new posts and then switch to Firefox and start reading. Now I have to go back to RSSOwl and open next one, and then go back again and so on...

    • David 1cog
      David 1cog
      2007-09-04 allows you to specify RSSOwl (or any other app) to be 'Always on top', although it will still lose focus when you click a link but it remains visible so you just need click on RSSOwl to regain focus.

      I couldn't find any FF addons to help solve this problem.

      A few seconds in Google and ...

      Note: it's not a problem in Ubuntu - FF does not steal focus.

    • You should search the next for FF addons that do this. I cant rememebr the name, but I think there is addons for this kind of feature.