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    A suggestion. You have a list of a variety of services one can share news
    with. How about adding a way for a user to define their own service. For
    example, you can have a choice of executing a local program, doing an http GET
    or HTTP POST. In the command line allow variables so that one can specify
    thinks like title, link, content, site, etc. For example, a command version
    might look like:

    iexplorer.exe ${url}

    while some web service might be:


    the ${variablename} is substituted with the variable value, while
    $${variablename} get a URL encoded value of the variable. prompfor variable
    means pop up a box and allow the user to enter some text, and following it was
    :N means take N characters at most. a do-get or do-post use any defined site
    passwords as needed.