• Hi, benjamin...

    Can you tell me how yo build the installer for your program rssowl??

    I know is NSIS and i know java launcher script is used,too, but i wanna know which is the script you use for the main installer app, not the java launcher. I mean the main installer which copies the program and which is the script used?
    thank you!!

    • Now i understand...

      Excuse for my poor level ...and for ask too much!!

    • The scripts are online in CVS:

      The "rssowl.nsi" is the NSIS Script responsible for RSSOwl's installer.


    • Thank you, very much!!!

    • A new question:

      How you integrate both scripts into NSIS??
      I mean, you use 2 scripts, rssowlinstaller and javalauncher, and i ask who you integrate both???

      Do you launch first rssowlinstaller and call after the javalauncher script, or does nsis is able to take 2 scripts together??

      • No need to integrate both. The one script creates the rssowl.exe the other the installer.exe.


    • Ah,ok. Thanks

      if i understand that, you mean than

      1) create rssowl.exe from java installer.

      2) after, you create installer.exe including the rssowl.exe created before.

      is that correct??

      Thanks !

      • The installer is just extracting an archive of files to the location the user has specified. The rssowl.exe is already included in that archive.

        Creating rssowl.exe is totally independant of creating the installer.exe.