Increase update frequency?

  • arako


    First of all thanks for this cool apps =:-)
    As I'm not a big programmer I would like to ask for a favour:
    I would like to use RSS feeds as a 'almost' realtime broadcast announcement tool, i.e. when I create a new feed, I would like the reader app to get it as soon as possible. Therefore I'm looking for an update frequency of 15-20 secs.

    i know you might have conerns with this, but this would be strictly for use within a closed enviroment, using a server which does nothing else but hosting a drupal created blog from which the feeds should be picked up.

    Anybody who can help?

    Thanks a lot for any comment!

    • This would be easy if you are able to modify the sourcecode and compile RSSOwl out of it. But it is not officially supported because normally this update interval would be too short to be supported.