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Where is RSSOwl publicity, reviews, press...?

  • What publicity has RSSOwl received?

    I noticed that other than announcements of new releases the last event in the
    Wikipedia article for RSSOwl was in Jan 2005 when RSSOwl was the SourceForge
    project of the month. In order to be notable, it must be reported from a
    secondary source (i.e. someone other than a user or developer).

    Such an outstanding news aggregator with so many features must have been
    reviewed somewhere. I would like to add some secondary sources to the
    Wikipedia article.

    Please, help me find them. Thanks, John

  • I dont know, google search would reveal some more news on rssowl. I am not
    actively asking for any reviews.


  • Anonymous

    Word of mouth is not to be discarded.

    BTW, a bit late in the bpasero but congrats on the two-way Google Reader sync!