What is the form editor for editing RSSOwl

  • Please can you tell me the Form editor for editing RSSOwl GWT form in Eclipse 3.x ?

    Thanx for all !

    • Form editor? GWT?

      I dont understand :)


    • Sorry for disterbing you ! And thanx for your fast reply.

      I'm just wondering what tool are you using for bulding all the RSSOwl form (Eclipse widgets). Is-it a special Eclipse plugin ?

      • Ah, no the GUI was written by hand. No special Plugin used (if you are referring to a WYSIWYG-Editor?).


    • Yes, a sort of wysiwyg editor for all the GUI (form editor).

      I'm trying to use the Jigloo plugin for Eclipse to edit RSSOwl aplication form (witch supports Eclipse widgets used in RSSOwn) but it fails.

      • Right. I am not sure wether it would be possible to reverse-engineer RSSOwl into a WYSIWYG-Editor, since the UI is quite complex.

        Also, I am using a number of custom widgets, like ViewForm and CTabFolder. Not sure wether Jigloo supports these.


    • Thanx for your help and thanx for making this great project possible !