• Hi, Ben...

    How can i do my to my program be under the CPL license as you do with your program.

    Need i register in some webpage??
    Need i make my program under the copyright???

    I mean, ive made a little program and i want to redistribute it under CPL license..
    What are the steps i need do to register under CPL??

    • And apart of this...

      Must I register my program with Copyright???

      im searching a method to maintain the autory of my program, and that nobody can stealth the autory.
      Is good to register with Copyright??
      Or simply registering it with CPL is very protected???

      • You should add a Copyright information to any file you are creating in your application.

        Just compare with RSSOwl.


    • No need to do any registration. Just make sure to have the CPL license included in your distribution as text or html file and add a header to your sourcefiles pointing to this license.