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  • Daniel

    Are there any plans to sync with Google Reader?

  • Daniel

    Well, i hope you make it!

    FeedDemon is somewhat slow IMO.

    Best wishes to you for the New Year!

  • One issue with Google Reader is that its not publishing any official API for
    some reason.

  • derebo


    i was thinking about some kind of syncing too so that whe you have to travel
    you can keep your news and check them from wherever you are no matter what
    computer you're in. if google api is not publishing the api... isn't there any
    other system apart from that one (google)? sure there are. just as an
    alternative. well, to me, i just like rssowl so much that i would like to have
    my contents to some sort of rssowl-online so that my filters and folders and
    everything remained the same when abroad or on a trip. up rssowl!!!



  • Even without official Google Reader API we can get synchronization right, its
    just a matter of time.

  • Tomaz Muraus
    Tomaz Muraus

    Glad to hear it, since Linux really does need a good feed reader which
    supports synchronization with Google Reader.

    Liferea which I currently use is the only feed reader (as far as I know) which
    supports synchronization with Google Reader, but it lacks a lot of features
    and I would rather use RSSOwl :)

  • Autumn Corvus
    Autumn Corvus

    Agreed. As soon as RssOwl for Linux can sync with Google it'll be my default
    RSS reader/manager. Looking forward to it!

  • Daniel

    I guess it must be more complicated to get that API

    Perhaps an email to the creators of FeedDemon or Feedly would help?

  • Ideally google would finally provide one ;)

  • Snarfer ( also has a Google Reader Sync Plugin, and being a plugin it´s
    possible more "open" to disect ...

    +1 for a Google Reader sync feature.

  • Daniel

    That's a good find jbrugger!

    But, i still find FeedDemon to be more feature rich.

    The ability to "keep for later", tag and star feeds is quite handy.

  • Mushin

    A local sync feature would complete RssOwl, I'm still having to export/import
    as I'm running linux on my laptop on XP on my desktop so keeping feeds in sync
    on both machines is annoying. Keep at it guys! you've done a great job so far.

  • spuri_hu

    +1 for google sync

    I would donate for that


  • Anonymous

    +1 for google sync

    RSSOwl is the best RSS reader on Linux .. having Google Sync would make it

  • Magento C
    Magento C

    Right, sync with google will help a lot, I am currently using feedemon and
    switching to RSSOwl for linux system but it would be good if sync in place so
    I am upto date with PC at office and home



  • yan zi
    yan zi

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  • P Cause
    P Cause

    What is the current status of Google Reader sync? Does 2.06 sync or just
    import? If it doesn't sync, how do people manually handle getting read feeds

  • 2.0.6 is just import of feeds. Didnt have time to work on a full sync solution

  • P Cause
    P Cause

    Thanks for the reply. I think the sync is really important. As we start using
    mobile devices when we travel (tablets, phones) and read some content on those
    devices it is nice not to have it appear on RSS Owl and vice versa. BTW,
    really looking forward to a new version and new features! How about user
    defined newspaper views.

  • cyphone

    I'd like to support the call for syncing support.

    Until recently I used Thunderbird for my feed reading. Now I realized the
    advantages of keeping an online rss repository as I do with mail.

    I compared several desktop readers concerning: manual mark as read, multiple
    enclosure downloads at once, clean gui, correct opml import, instant search in
    feeds, usb stick installation.

    -> rssowl seems to be the best. Only syncing is missing.

    However, I'd like to disable the 'related news' section in the view pane.
    Somehow it is distracting me kind of a second higlighted area at the bottom of
    the message....

  • cyphone

    However, I'd like to disable the 'related news' section in the view pane.
    Somehow it is distracting me ... to have ... kind of a second higlighted area
    at the bottom of the message....

  •  melweismann

    +1 for gReader synchronization - I too would gladly donate for this as an
    extra feature (though I would love for this to not be the case).

  • WolfGrrl

    It would be really fantastic if rssowl could sync with Reader. I MUCH prefer
    rssowl, but the lack of syncing is a big issue for me.

  • The 2.1 beta has been updated with support for Google Reader synchronization
    and many bugfixes. Please read on at

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