Proxy authentication not working

  • Has anyone been able to get the proxy authentication working in RSSOwl 2 Milestone 5A? Because it doesn't work for me. RSSOwl 1.2.3 does work, though.

    • Hi Ben,

      It's working now. Even though I had "Use this proxy server for all protocols" unchecked, there were entries and ports defined in the SSL proxy and SOCKS proxy fields. Once I cleared them the problem went away.

      • Right. Great to hear its working now!


    • Did you try Preferences > General > Network Connections?

    • Yes, that is where I updated the settings. I have it fully configured and working under RSSOwl 1.2.3

      • What kind of proxy are you using? What kind of proxy authentication is being used (NTLM for instance is not yet supported).

    • I should add, try not enabling the proxy for all connections, but only for HTTP and HTTPs. This makes a tiny difference.