Same OPML file in multiple instances?

  • Hi! I'm an RSSOwl fanatic, and I never quite understand why not everyone else I know is using it :) I have a question. I use two computers (one home, one office) and I'd like to run RSSOwl on both -- but to have it, somehow, know which entries I've read on the other one. I imagine the way to do this would be to have the OPML file copied to some server that they both download from/update to (I'm guessing - I don't know much about the tech) - do you know of any software that simplifies this process? Thanks!


    • Oh, oh well :( Thanks for letting me know!


    • Hi Morgan,
      unfortunately OPML is not carrying the information about read/unread news inside, so that wont work. We currently work on rssowl2 (checkout if you dont have yet), which uses a database underneath. It should be easier for us to provide a synchronization method in RSSOwl 2, however its still not yet in the state of being developed.