Mozilla as internal Browser in Windows XP

  • Under Windows XP, the internal browser is by default IE :( With all these security alerts, I would like to use another Browser, for example Mozilla.

    Actually Mozilla is available as an ActiveX control, and it would probably be possible to use it instead of IE.

    Is there a way to use it, or can we hope it will be implemented in

    • I already opened a feature request on Eclipse, the developer of SWT, that RSSOwl is using. A lot of people have requested this, and I really hope they are doing something about it.


    • Xavier Robin
      Xavier Robin

      Yes, this would be a nice and useful feature !
      Do you have a link where we could add our vote for this feature ?

      Thanks for your great work,

    • Xavier Robin
      Xavier Robin

      Thanks ;-)

      Embedding Firefox will take a long time to achieve...

      The Mozilla ActiveX solution could be easier to implement and could be quite quickly done. I tried to change the browser in the browser.class (directly in the Rssowl.jar) as described in comment #1 but of course it didn't worked...

      I hope it will turn "fixed" soon :)