Double-click on folder should open them

  • tenochtitlan

    I recently updated to the latest version (might have jumped some minor
    versions) and while the program feels much quicker now, it has implemented a
    feature that is quite annoying for me: When double-clicking on a folder,
    instead of opening this folder it shows an list of all the items from the
    feeds in that folder. I can totally see why this might be quite helpful for
    many, but this totally goes against my "training" with RSSOwl so far and makes
    my hundreds of feeds more cumbersome to navigate.

    Is there a way to switch back to the old behavior? I don't want this to become
    the default way, but I'd love to be able to choose.

  • Sorry, no. This was explicitly added in 2.1 so that you can easily open a
    folders news items with one click. You can still expand a folder by clicking
    on the expand icon to the left of the folder icon.