colour coding: folders & their notif...

Sem White
  • Sem White
    Sem White

    I would like to know if RSSOwl does or will incorporate colour-coded folders &
    notifications (same background colour as folders) in the future? Thx

  • Not planend but Color in notifications is possible from news filters.

  • Sem White
    Sem White

    can you skim this, is the answer still yes?

    lets you say you have a folder/group & assign it the colour red. When a story
    from here arrives, an alert pops up with a red border (preferentially not
    bright red :p). You have a different folder assigned blue & these alerts come
    with blue border. If you have several folders the colour acts as a cue even
    before you get to the headline… like an ultra-quick way to screen relevant
    information if you’re multi-tasking… For myself dealing in financial
    information (Stocks, Forex) anything that speeds up & simplifies the process
    of incoming real-time (or as-close-as) data is godsend

  • Well it's really simple with news filters, just say "location is foo" > notify
    in color x or label to a color x