A Couple Questions & Requests

  • First off let me say RSSOwl is simply an amazing RSS Reader and I absolutely love it! But there are a few thing I would like to see in future versions.

    1. I would like to Search by Feed. For instance I would like to search all CNN, MSNBC, And Fox News Feeds...

    Right Click --> New --> Saved Search

    Name: Main Steam Media
    Location: News

    [ ] Match All [X] Match Any

    Feed Is CNN
    Feed Is MSNBC - Top Stories
    Feed Is Fox News

    Yet this will return NOTHING???? Is there anyway to select (using check boxes) which feeds to search (like in 'FeedReader')? Another way to do this would be to put these feeds into a Folder (Category), but when you click on the Category it Doesn't update in the Headline Pane to show ALL the feeds in that Category. Either option would work well for me

    1. Duplicate News Items. Google News, Reuters, and Yahoo News may carry the same exact article. Is there anyway to only show this article ONCE instead of 3 Times?

    2. Only Keep One Folder Open at a time. I have several folders and when going through Feeds I keep having to close(collapse) the folder when I'm done reading it. In 'FeedReader' They have an awesome option to only keep ONE folder option at a time and as soon as I switch to a different folder, the previous folder will automatically collapse.

    Thanks again for your AWESOME and Powerful program. If these features are included I will defiantly donate after the 2008 US Primary Elections!

    • Hi,

      thanks for your feedback, here are my comments:

      1.) This will be easier in upcoming RSSOwl 2.0 M7. See a list of hot new features here: http://www.rssowl.org/node/217 and find the topic "Search by location". You can use any combination of folders and feeds as values for the Location-Field.

      2.) RSSOwl 2 has the ability to detect duplicate news. So, if you mark one of those duplicate news as read, it will show as read in any other feed as well. In combination with a filter (e.g. only show unread news), you get the desired effect. If that does not suit your usecase, please open a feature request at http://dev.rssowl.org

      3.) Thats an interesting feature we should also provide. Please open a feature request at http://dev.rssowl.org as well.