not all news being retrieved

  • Hi. I am new to RssOwl. So far so good. But I noticed on one particular rss feed that not all the news is being extracted from the site.

    The site is: The various feeds are on the left. When I download the feeds with rssowl, I can only retrieve the articles found on the main page of this blog site. HOWEVER, with another rss reader (Blago), I am also able to retrieve articles on that blog not found on the main page; thus other entries to their blog as well. Yet, the rss url being used is the same added for both readers.

    Any ideas on what causes this? I am a newbie to rss.

    Thank You

    • Me again. They are using Mambo as a blog system. If this info helps.

    • RSSOwl is always exactly showing the articles that are listed inside the newsfeed. Could it be that your other newsreader is keeping older news? RSSOwl does not, yet.