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News Popup

  • I would love to see an option to show the news popup when new news are available, even if there are older news marked as unread. The way it is now, I have to mark all unread news as read to make sure I'll get the popup notification when other news are published.

    • Actually this is how it was before RSSOwl 1.1.2 I guess in order to fix a bug, where the popup was appearing multiple times when reloading all News.

      I think I should look at it again and implement some sort of solution that fits for these cases:

      1.) You reload more than one feed but dont want to see the News Popup more than once (in a certain interval, e.g. 30 seconds).

      2.) You have some News unread, but another News is coming in and you want to be notified with a popup.


    • Thanks for making me think about this again. I restored the old way it was, having RSSOwl show an Alert in case new News have been downloaded, even if unread News where already present before.


    • Could you please make it so the mac dock icon bounced?


    • Or just some indication in the icon that there are new news items.

      • Sry I am not having access to such API using SWT. Feature request is open on on this topic.