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Diff of /branches/2.0.x/org.rssowl.ui/src/org/rssowl/ui/internal/messages.properties [r7210] .. [r7211] Maximize Restore

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--- a/branches/2.0.x/org.rssowl.ui/src/org/rssowl/ui/internal/messages.properties
+++ b/branches/2.0.x/org.rssowl.ui/src/org/rssowl/ui/internal/messages.properties
@@ -80,7 +80,9 @@
 ApplicationActionBarAdvisor_ZOOM_OUT=Zoom &Out
 ApplicationServer_INFO_UNABLE_OPEN_PORT=Unable to open a Port for the Application-Server
 Controller_ERROR_LOADING=Error loading ''{0}''
+Controller_ERROR_STARTING_SERVER=RSSOwl is unable to start a local server for displaying news.\n\nPlease ensure that no firewall is blocking RSSOwl from opening port {0} on the loopback network ''{1}''.\n\nPlease visit our forum at http://www.rssowl.org if you need assistance on this topic.
 Controller_LABEL=Label ''{0}''
 Controller_LABEL_MSG=Assign the label {0} to selected News.