#250 Add ability to selectively sync feeds

Dare Obasanjo
David Kozinn

I'd like to request the ability to be able to selectively synchronize feeds (to Newsgator, etc.)

The reason why I'm asking this is that there are several feeds that I will follow for a while, then turn off (by setting the time to check to zero in RSSB), then turn back on some time later.

The problem is that if I upload to (for instance) Newsgator, all the feeds get uploaded, and it'll start to pull down those feeds that I'm not (currently) interested in. I haven't yet tried to see what happens if I try to sync in the other direction (pull down from Newsgator to local machine), but I'm guessing there might be a similar issue.

Perhaps the way this could work would be a property on the feed itself that could say "don't upload", and another that says "ignore any downloaded info". (It might be possible to do this by just looking at the sync time and if it's zero, that could mean don't upload/ignore any downloaded updated.