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#219 Attachment Downloads

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Dare Obasanjo
Dominik Deobald

It would be nice to have the possibility to...

a) specify a special directory for the downloads of one feed. For example I download Channel 9 Videos and want to put (and keep) them in another directory than all other downloads.

b) maybe - but that's also a potential security risk - allow to automatically do something with incoming files. For example launch an Application to process .torrent files.


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    What I would like is for the attachment link to change to your local downloaded copy if the attachment was downloaded. This way I could stay within the application rather than having to go out to explorer to launch the application. At the least I would think a link to the download in addition to the rss link would be possible.

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    I understand your (b) example was just an example, but it might be better served as using a torrenting application that has RSS Feeds.. such as Azureus, which is also listed at SF.