#183 Tagging Feeds


Something I thought might be nice to have would be a
bit of further virtualization of the folder
heirarchy. Currently, the structure of the folders is
pretty rigid. I would like to be able to have
different views on the same feed. For example,
putting 25hoursaday into "MSFT" (where it currently
is), means I can't put it in "MyAList", where I'd
also like to see it. I'm sure it goes to the core of
the architecture, and probably is no simple thing,
but if you treated all of the folders as dynamic
views like the flagged items or unread items, then
let me categorize the feeds with a free-form tag,
that would be pretty cool. You should be able to
collect these tags back up and create a useful tag
collection on the server side as well - It seems
reasonable that most users would be glad to provide

Sorry for the anon request:


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    I would like to second this request.

    I have organized my categories by the various "moods" I'm
    in when I read my news. Very frequently, there are feeds
    which I'd like to fall into multiple categories. Tags
    would be one way to solve this issue, but if you
    maintained the actual feeds separately from their
    presetation, you could make all of the folders virtual
    and allow us to move stuff around and create multiple
    virtual copies. Just make the current folder structure be
    the default for people who don't care about maintaining
    feed-to-folder mapping themselves.

  • robincapper

    This would work better with the tag focused Google Reader integration