#177 Store previously downloaded feed

Dare Obasanjo

Issue: There are limited tools to debug problem feeds
such as empty feeds or validation errors. The
validate this feed item will always use only the
single validation site and it won't use the feed that
was just downloaded.

Suggestion: When each feed is downloaded, store it on
the local drive in a temp location or store it in the
same directory with the feed cache. Use either the
feed name or the display name for the feed when naming
it. The next time the feed is downloaded, overwrite
that file with the new feed stream.

Benefit: This will provide, at a minimum, a method to
identify the true data that caused a problem with the
feed. The user could then 1) determine a problem
inside the feed from this, 2) submit it to other
validation engines for further information, or 3) copy
it for later comparison to a known good feed when
dealing with intermittent issues.

Alternative: Provide a checkbox option to turn this
feature on or off. It could either be a system wide
option (all on or off) or possibly a category or feed
based option. A feed based option is probably best
since troubleshooting is usually limited to a single
feed at a time. The option could be called debug
so that at a future time, if detailed debug logs
are needed, the could simply be added to the code
without adding another gui control.