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redirect cache followup

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    Original issue:
    2011-04-28 19:43:38 UTC
    I've been trying to redirect the AppData folders using the user.config file
    with no luck. It's like it can read the redirect but not write to it.

    The path I'm redirecting to is on my network file server, which is a SAMBA
    share. (I've also tried a Windows share, no luck there either). It'll create a
    Cache folder at the path but then the folder stays empty. I've seen Bandit
    behaving oddly too, I think as a result of this -- like deleted items coming
    back the next day, or trying to re-download ALL of a high volume feed rather
    than just the new stuff.

    I've done an uninstall/reinstall without the user.config file and Bandit
    worked fine. But I really want all that stuff on the file server so it doesn't
    matter which machine I grab that day.

    This is happening on both Windows 7 and XP. My user.config file:

    <add key="AppDataFolder" value="H:\\AppData\\RSSBandit"/>
    <add key="AppCacheFolder" value="H:\\AppData\\RSSBandit"/>

    No errors in any of the log files, just the odd behavior in the app itself
    with the feeds.

    You should use a sub-folder of "AppDataFolder" for the AppcacheFolder in this

    New Followup:
    That's not working either.

    User config file now looks like:
    <add key="AppDataFolder" value="H:\\AppData\\RssBandit"/>
    <add key="AppCacheFolder" value="H:\\AppData\\RssBandit\\Cache"/>

    Resulting file structure:
    RssBandit/Cache/Cache --> no files
    RssBandit/Cache/index --> index files

    The odd behavoir with deleting items, large updates, and no network sync is
    still happening. Still nothing in the error log. Trace log has two major
    "Could not find file RssBandit.settings2.xml" --> yet I can see this file
    when I look for it.
    "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" @
    NewsComponents.NewsItem.getAuthor() @
    NewsComponents.Search.LuceneNewsItemSearch.Document(INewsItem item) @
    NewsComponents.Search.LuceneIndexer.IndexNewsItems(IList`1 newsItems)

    I'm using the latest Bandit release.

  • There might be a possible issue with the used component (for full
    text search support) if their index is located on a possible "weak" network
    share. We recommend to keep the cache on a local drive, also for speed.