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Creating Patches

  • David Deutsch
    David Deutsch

    If I have a bug or feature request, AND I have made a patch to implement said change, should I attach the patch to the request, or should I mention in the request that I have submitted a patch, and refer to the request # when I submit the patch? Also, if my patch includes a string that is displayed to the user, am I under an obligation to translate it into every language that the other messages are translated to? How accurate does the translation have to be (i.e. is one of the online automated translation engines acceptable)?

    • If the bug or feature request is not yet in the list, open a new one there describing the bug/feature request.

      Then apply a new patch with a short description about the purpose referring the above opended bug/feature request.

      Strings that needs translations have to live in the .resx file(s), at least in the major one(s) without the language shortcut in the name. Leave a comment there where it is used. Please do not use automated translation(s), only translate what you are familar with and provide at least the leading project language string(s) in english.