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colour coding: folders & their notif...

Sem White
  • Sem White
    Sem White

    I would like to know if RSSBandit does or will incorporate colour-coded
    folders &
    notifications (same background colour as folders) in the future?


  • Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Can you please describe in more
    detail what you like?

  • Sem White
    Sem White

    yes sure, when new story comes a notification pop-up alerts user... I think it
    appears in top-right hand corner of screen with dark-blue background. I would
    like it if the background colour could be assigned to particular folder, so as
    soon as you 'see' notification you already know the type of news that has

    So lets you say you have a folder & assign it the colour red. When an alert
    pops up it will have a red background. You have a different folder assigned
    blue & these alerts come with blue background.

    If you have several folders the colour acts as a cue even before you get to
    the headline... like an ultra-quick way to screen relevant information if
    you're multi-tasking