A number of UI oddities / questions

  • Jack Vinson
    Jack Vinson

    Hello. I'm coming back to RSS Bandit after a couple of years in Google Reader.
    I'd really like to have the threaded view back, and this seems to be the only
    reader for that. So to my observations after a couple hours of use.

    1. Is it possible to get a feed of "my friends' Share Items" from Google Reader? I suspect I'd have to do one at a time, rather than the whole thing in one go.

    2. Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut for "Email This" of an article?

    3. Error: The unread count in the "Unread Items" Feed is not consistent with the actual number of unread items. Even when I tried out Facebook, it was showing 30 items, while the unread was showing 27.

    4. Interface oddity. If I use spacebar to jump to the next unread item. When I am done with one category, instead of going to the next category (with unreads), RSS Bandit goes directly to a feed with unreads. I'd like it to go to the full category. This also interacts with the incorrect unread count: if I finish everything in Unread and happen to hit space again, it jumps to a surprise location with another article.

    5. I like that I can customize the columns displayed in the List view in the categories / feeds. However, if I switch away from the cateogories - say I go to Watched Items - and then switch back to a category, the column customization seems to disappear. I can only get the customization back by clicking a feed and then back to a category. (I happen to have set the Feeds and Categories to have the same list view customization.) More specifically, it seems the Category view keeps the settings from the Special Feeds view I was looking at previously.

    6. Is there a view that shows me all articles from all my categories in one view? It seems I can only look at a feed or a category, not everything. (I'm talking about read articles - unreads can be seen in the Unread View.)


  • Jack Vinson
    Jack Vinson

    More data on #5. When I restart my machine, the customizations for categories
    are lost entirely. I had to re-apply the "default for categories."

  • @ jackvinson

    4: Surprise!

    5. Cos Column Layout implementation in RSS Bandit suck balls.

    BTW, from Tracker: Bugs
    - Column layout menu does not appear -> Status: Closed & Resolution: Fixed (Right!)
    - Column layouts not remembered -> Status: Closed & Resolution: Fixed & Comment: This bug has been fixed. (Oh, yeah!)