Trouble with Google Reader Sync

  • For some reason, my Bandit suddenly stopped being able to sync with my Google
    Reader Feeds. I'm getting the dialogue box, "An information exception occurred
    while attempting to load the feed list for “My Google Reader Feeds”:
    Unauthorized access, credentials required or invalid credentials (HTTP status
    401). Please ensure your username & password are correct by right-clicking “My
    Google Reader Feeds” and selecting Properties."

    Don't know why. My Google username and password haven't changed.

  • Hey carnage4life, thanks for the program, but your link is 404. Microsoft
    webserver, btw.

  • And thanks fot the fix :)

  • Dare Obasanjo
    Dare Obasanjo

    The new release is now out. Version fixes the problem.

  • robincapper

    Version may fix the google sync but Tools>Upload / download feed

    Download Failed with Error:

  • Hi robin, can you vote for the corresponding bug report (add a comment)? Or if
    there is not yet one, please post a new one.

  • robincapper

    Hi, Have updated ID: 2930496 with this info

  • Sorry, still not working. Downloaded the latest version, and still can't get a
    connection with Google Reader. Is there any additional info i could provide?

  • Same here.


  • Anonymous

    Google sync is not working for me in version
    Hadn't tried this feature before today but am getting an authorization
    exception: Unauthorized access HTTP status 401 message.