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[r417] by t_rendelmann

get around the issue with duplicate entries in .treestate.xml

2008-03-14 14:31:22 Tree
[r416] by t_rendelmann

fixed nullrefexception in set category shared property impl.

2008-03-14 13:06:36 Tree
[r415] by t_rendelmann

changed Init order; reworked/fixed Proxy related code; reworked/fixed MaxItemAge related code

2008-03-14 11:42:01 Tree
[r414] by Carnage4Life

Remove need to create wrapper objects for INewsFeed instances that are descendants of NewsFeed when calling SaveFeedList

2008-03-13 00:02:41 Tree
[r413] by Carnage4Life
2008-03-12 22:28:15 Tree
[r412] by Carnage4Life

Fixed issue where cacheurl wasn't being written to subscriptions.xml

2008-03-12 22:21:58 Tree
[r411] by Carnage4Life

Fixed issue where favicons not downloaded for Windows RSS platform

2008-03-12 14:18:03 Tree
[r410] by Carnage4Life

Fixed issue where there is an infinite loop when [Top Stories] button is pushed and the user hasn't downloaded any feeds

2008-03-12 14:16:29 Tree
[r409] by Carnage4Life

Refresh rate changes in WindowsRssFeedSource now apply to underlying Windows RSS platform

2008-03-11 17:15:57 Tree
[r408] by Carnage4Life

GoogleReaderNewsFeed inherits from NewsFeed. Made NewsFeed properties and methods virtual to support this.

2008-03-11 09:16:57 Tree
[r407] by Carnage4Life

Initial changes to support Google Reader integration

2008-03-09 18:48:52 Tree
[r406] by Carnage4Life

Added IDisposable implementation

2008-03-09 13:52:36 Tree
[r405] by t_rendelmann

changes related to code analysis

2008-03-09 12:49:46 Tree
[r404] by t_rendelmann

refresh of resources for new entries

2008-03-09 10:19:48 Tree
[r403] by t_rendelmann

registry files to support StringResourceTool in VS.IDE 8./9.0

2008-03-09 09:54:00 Tree
[r402] by Carnage4Life

Came up with hacky workaround to deal with circular events from Windows RSS platform when an item is marked as read

2008-03-08 22:09:03 Tree
[r401] by Carnage4Life

Added support for remembering user's preferred text size between runs

2008-03-08 18:38:25 Tree
[r400] by Carnage4Life

Added "View->Text Size" menu option.

2008-03-08 16:57:12 Tree
[r399] by Carnage4Life

Fixed NullReferenceException

2008-03-07 19:25:56 Tree
[r398] by Carnage4Life

Tried to fix some issues with marking items as read

2008-03-07 14:47:17 Tree
[r397] by Carnage4Life

Fixed issue where we only send one name/value pair from a cookie when multiple ones exist.

2008-03-07 13:38:40 Tree
[r396] by carnage4life

Fixed compile error

2008-03-06 20:01:18 Tree
[r395] by carnage4life

Fixed some issues that caused slowness in loading feed list from Windows RSS platform

2008-03-06 19:57:17 Tree
[r394] by t_rendelmann

started UI integration to support multiple feedsources

2008-03-02 17:16:58 Tree
[r393] by carnage4life

Renamed a variable

2008-03-02 15:40:30 Tree
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