#849 Need a way to tell when a podcast has already been fetched

Dare Obasanjo
Dare Obasanjo

From a comment at http://www.25hoursaday.com/weblog/CommentView.aspx?guid=b989ee41-b5c8-425f-a882-5ec8e92bb6a7#commentstart

"Well, I upgraded and have not had the good experience that other have. I run RSSBandit off my flash drive so I can run it home and work or anywhere without needing Newsgator or anything else. Well, first I was getting errors about the cache moving to another drive (it was trying to put it in my profile directory... I finally found in the CVS changelog the line to add to app.config to fix that)

Then I noticed it was not only running very slow, but it was slowing down the whole PC. I noticed it was the enclosure download going nuts, pulling down entire archives of old podcasts if they're stillin the feed, even though I only show the last month and all but the last day or so of those are marked read. So I turned off the options to download automatically but that had no effect. So I tried restarting RSSBandit, well, it still downloads and it will minimize correctly (if I do Minimize All or use process explorer), but that's it, beyond that the UI is completely frozen and won't even draw the screen except for the 2 empty white boxes (feed list and display pane) until I kill it with process explorer. The weird thing is that it's CPU usage never goes above 5%, and is usually below 1% during this, yet the virtual size is just over 500MB, about the same as VS2005 with no solution loaded.

Oh well, I'll wait until I get home tonight to do anything, but I'll probably try downgrading to the last release version later and watch the changelog before trying future betas.