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#562 Newspaper View Icons not updating when clicked

Michael Rilling

When clicking on the new Icons in Newspaper View, I
do see the Icons change in the Column Layout, but the
actual Icon I clicked on doesn't change until I move
away from the feed and back again.

I suspect you need to add some Javascript to the
Newspaper view HTML to change the Icon when clicked.


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    OK, the pictures now change, but there are a couple of

    1) If you have a newspaper view of a Feed Category with
    multiple Feeds, and you try to toggle an article as READ
    from any FEED other than the first FEED in the CATEGORY,
    you will toggle the wrong Article in the first FEED.

    2) If you toggle the FLAG ON and OFF in the READING
    PANE, the actual line in the COLUMN LAYOUT window
    stays RED. This is different than if you toggle the FLAG in
    the COLUMN LAYOUT window on and off.