#530 Invalid french translation of options dialog

Jonathan Perret

The text on the General tab in the options dialog that
reads in English

Select an option to determine on what action the
application should 'Minimize to tray'

is translated into

Choisissez l'action que doit exécuter l'application
lorsqu'elle se 'Réduit dans la barre de notification'

which means

Choose what action the application should execute
when it 'Minimizes to tray'

The english meaning is actually reversed !

An accurate translation would be

Choisissez lors de quelle action l'application doit
se 'Réduire dans la zone de notification'.

(I also changed 'barre de notification' into 'zone de
notification' since that is how XP calls it in French)

IMHO this setting is bound to be very confusing in any
language. For example if one selects "On application
close" it does not mean that "When the application
closes, it will go to the tray" but instead "When you
click on the cross that usually closes an application, it
will go to the tray instead of closing itself".


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    Fixed in CVS