#405 Changed template for w.Bloggar not picked up

Dare Obasanjo

I've modified the preinstalled template that comes with
RSS Bandit for w.Bloggar. The file I'm talking
about in this case is BlogThisUsingWBloggarPlugin.cs
and is located in the C:\Program
Files\RssBandit\plugins folder.

When choosing the option "Blog this using w::Bloggar"
it still uses the original file to format the post in
w::Bloggar eventhough this file no longer exists.

I've tried to do a clean install of both RSS Bandit and
w::Bloggar and copied my .cs file in place before
starting them and still this problem exists.

Looks like this is hardcoded in some component and
the plugin is not using the .cs template as it supposed
to do.


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    Looks like this is hardcoded into the DLL file... Is there a way
    to change this DLL file with the CS file?

  • Dare Obasanjo
    Dare Obasanjo

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    You have to replace the DLL with your own DLL. To do this
    you can compile the .cs file into a DLL then replace the
    existing DLL with yours.

    The .cs file is not a template, it is the source code for the
    DLL meant to be used as an example as to how to write your
    own plugin DLLs.