#400 Some UI suggestions: next, sorting

Jack Vinson

The behavior "next unread" (either via the button on
the toolbar or via spacebar) is not what I expect.
When I have a list of aritcles and ask for the "next"
one, I would expect to get the next one in the list as
it is currently viewed. This means RSS Bandit needs to
see how I have sorted the particular view and respect
that in its decision for Next. The current behavior is
that it selects the oldest, unread article no matter
where I am in the view.

I would like to be able to do nested multiple levels of
sorting within a view. For example, I like to read
each feed as a group and I want to read articles within
that feed in date order. So I would sort by feed
(ascending) then by date (descencing). Currently, RSS
Bandit allows for only one level of sorting. Or the
ability to do multi-level sort is non-obvious.

Also, I would love to be able to rearrange the Folders
and Feeds in the Feed Subscription panel. For example,
I have a "regular reads" folder that I would like to
move to the top of the list. The only way to do that
now is to rename it to appear alphabetically first.


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    1. Name it "Next unread oldest item within current node, or
      move to next node with unread items", but this toolbar
      caption is way too long :-D
      No, the current behavior is by design and will not be
      changed. If you want simply to navigate to the next item in
      the list, use the up/down-arrow keys.

    2. Nested sorting will not be supported. We now support
      sorting items also with thread open, but nested column
      sorting is not worth the effort as other common apps like
      outlook also does not support it, sorry.

    3. This is already on our feature wish list and planned for one
      of the next releases (so Nightcrawler, or later: see also our