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#209 JavaScript not deactivated

Garvin Hicking

I am reading the feed
http://rss.4players.de/rss/news.xml in the .114 build
of RSS Bandit.

That feed only contains <link> tags to a page which is
then displayed within RSS Bandit. Those pages contain
JavaScript code which spawns a popup, which is opened
as a new Tab within RSS Bandit.

I find that quite annoying that the focus is always put
on that ad-popup, even though I unchecked the 'allow
javascript' setting in RSS Bandit config.


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    That effects are not a result of exec. javascript: it is disabled
    on the normal detail reading pane. But we allow frames, which
    include also iframe's. These iframe(s) loading is the real
    source for that kind of problems. Currently we allow frames
    (some good news sites makes use of frames), and can switch
    on/off that. But we need a more fine grained control over
    these: e.g. we want the "normal" frames, but want to switch
    off iframe(s) loading...

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    this annoying bug is now fixed in CVS (LOL)

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    Can we intercept the request that an iFrame makes and make
    sure that the iFrame doesn't render with Javascript?