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#1360 NNTP Newsgroups with auth./Refresh list' Not Working

Dare Obasanjo
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Dare Obasanjo

From http://forum.rssbandit.org/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2700

I added a new news server ('news.primus.ca') and entered in the required server settings/authentication information. Clicking on the 'Refresh list' button displays 'Loading Newsgroups. This can take a few moments ..' for about 35 seconds, during which I see Internet activity. However, no newsgroups are listed.

A line trace shows that the newsgroups are being loaded. However, it appears that after receiving the last block, RSSBandit sends a QUIT command to the news server. I was able to download the newsgroups from 'news.readfreenews.net'. Unfortunately, the specific newsgroup I am interested in appears to be empty on this server.

The only thing different is that this news server returns '205 Transferred 1614847 bytes in 0 articles, 0 groups. Disconnecting' after the QUIT, while the failing news server returns '205 Exit articles 0, bytes 0, groups 0, posts 0k postbytes 0'.

I ran a trace on Windows Mail against 'news.primus.ca'. Windows Mail can successfully load the It does not send a QUIT but instead appears to close the connection, start a new one and sends a 'MODE READER' request. I do not see the '205 response being sent to Windows Mail.

I am running RSSBandit on Vista Ultimate SP1.


  • Anyone there who can name a NNTP server with authentication and a test account?