#133 Unusable (crash) after removing folder.


I successfully installed and used RSS Bandit for the
first time yesterday (April 30, 2004) and used it
successfully for a short time.

While deleting feeds that I didn't want (right-click,
delete), I managed to delete the summary list under the
"Search" folder. This is the one that allows me to
read all unread feeds.

When I tried to recreate this folder there did not
appear to be an option to do so.

I should either not be able to delete an important
default folder, or else I should be able to reinstate
that folder easily.

So, I exited the application and restarted it, however,
it crashed everytime I tried to restart it.

OK, no problem right? Just uninstall and reinstall and
everything will be back to normal -- sure I'll lose all
my feeds, but at least the application will start up,

Trying to "Repair" the installation resultied in an
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
error and the repair was aborted.

Removing the application appeared to work.

Now, however, when I try to reinstall the application,
I always get the "Object reference not set to an
instance of an object" error and cannot reinstall the

I should be able to uninstall and then reinstall the
application and have the fresh install be in the same
state as the initial install.

I should be able to restore important default folders.

Thanks for your time!


  • Dare Obasanjo
    Dare Obasanjo

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    The installer problem should be resolved by the next installer
    for the next version of RSS Bandit which should be available
    next week.

    The "Unread" items folder is a search folder. You can create
    any search folder you want by selecting the View->Find from
    the menu.