#1109 Lucene Issue: Access denied on adding documents to index

Crashes (166)

From: laadler@satx.rr.com

Log files from most recent problem are attached. The problem was rriginally posted by LarryA:

I leave my PC running all the time. This morning I found that RssBandit had crashed over night. Ever time I restarted it, it crashed as soon as the splash screen appeared.

I went into the index folder and deleted all the files. When I restarted RssBandit it came most of the way up with the main window mostly drawn, but crashed again.

Then I deleted everything in the index folder AND all the BIN files in the Cache folder. It is now running again.

Thank you for the attention. I don't believe there were two copies running. At the time I was seeing RSSBandit start and immediately shut down before the splash screen even came up. Folowing my message, in order to get it to run at all, I had to uninstall the program, install and then install

It has run pretty well for several days but has started failing again. I usually get an error every few hours about a file not being available for renaming. It seems to be different files most every time.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any other information.


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