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#1092 Unread Items newspapering doesn't work properly

Dare Obasanjo

When reading all Unread Items (using Unread Items under Special Feeds), the newspaper view does not seem to function properly - it shows the proper number of pages, but it still shows all news stories on each page - except the last one - that one comes up blank.

Now in testing this again, I'm not getting newspaper functionality at all in Unread Items (134 unread items). I know it got it at least once, when I had about 25 unread items.



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    My impression is, that pagination works correctly (I get 10 items per page), but the last page is always empty. That means, that if there are 35 items, I get 4 pages: 3 ones with 10 items each, and a fourth one with nothing but previous/next-links.

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    I had a short look into the code: it seems, no items per page calculation happens in case of a SmartFolder population. There are at least two locations we do not apply paging:

    • WinGuiMain.OnFeedListItemsColumnClick()
    • WinGuiMain.OnListFeedItemsO_AfterSelect()
    • WinGuiMain.OnTreeFeedAfterSelectManually()

    -> look for calls of BeginTransformFeedList()
    Maybe we should locate the paging code there somehow?