#1047 My Feeds fails to show feeds / status message still shows

Bill Burton

My Feeds fails to show any of my feeds - it is currently an empty list. The Special Feeds -> Unread Items also does not display any messages.

The status bar does show active feeds:
24 feeds with 667 new message(s).

If I export, I also see all of the feed details there.


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    I can confirm this behaviour. So far I was able to fix the problem by restarting the program.

    The list of feeds ("Abonnements" in german version) is empty, but it says "bla feeds with bla entries" in the statusbar.

  • Bill Burton
    Bill Burton

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    Unfortunately, this does not work for me - restarting just brings me back to the same state...

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    I have browsed through the trace.log file, watched the startup process in SysInternals Process Monitor and scanned through all config files. There's nothing that jumps into my eyes. Everything seems to be normal. Just no entries in the "Feed List".

    When started, RssBandit reads all of subscriptions.xml. It also fetches all new RSS entries from the web and updates the subscriptions.xml with the new feed entries. Just the user interface seems to be broken:

    2007-04-14 12:24:32,329 [284] DEBUG NewsComponents.Net.RequestThread [(null)] - calling BeginGetResponse for http://blog.deobald.org/feed/
    2007-04-14 12:24:33,050 [3036] DEBUG NewsComponents.Net.AsyncWebRequest [(null)] - ResponseCallback() web response OK: http://blog.deobald.org/feed/
    2007-04-14 12:24:33,074 [524] DEBUG NewsComponents.Net.AsyncWebRequest [(null)] - Request finalized. Request of 'http://blog.deobald.org/feed/' took 00:00:00.7450695 seconds
    2007-04-14 12:24:45,283 [3376] INFO RssBandit.WinGui.Forms.WinGuiMain [(null)] - UpdateFeed() could not find node for 'http://blog.deobald.org/feed/'...
    2007-04-14 12:25:35,531 [3376] INFO RssBandit.WinGui.Forms.WinGuiMain [(null)] - UpdateFeed() could not find node for 'http://blog.deobald.org/comments/feed/'...

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    Latest findings:

    I took the whole directory C:\Users\BlaM\AppData\Roaming\RssBandit\ from my Vista Ultimate-Machine (that's where the problem occured) and copied it to my WinXP Home-Machine (C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\BlaM\Anwendungsdaten\RssBandit), into a fresh installation of RssBandit.

    -> I wasn't able to duplicate the problem from one PC to another by doing so. Everything showed up correctly. However I lost all "old" posts, i.e. the ones that are not in the downloaded RSS feeds anymore. (But that also would mean, that just testing an exported OPML wouldn't help locating the problem).

    After that I again copied the same directory from Vista to XP (to revert any changes), plus this time I also took C:\Users\BlaM\AppData\Local\RssBandit\ with me and copied it ("Cache" and "index") to C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\BlaM\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\RssBandit.

    Also in this case I was not able to duplicate the problem on the new machine. Everything showed up correctly, and even my old feed entries were available...

    Any more suggestions, what I can try to reproduce the problem to my secondary machine?

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    So we can at least say it is a "Vista only" issue? anyone there who can repro that on XP?

    A) can you try to rename/delete one (or both) of this files in your Bandit application data folder:
    1) .treestate.xml and/or
    2) .openbrowsertabs.xml ?
    B) start Bandit without any settings (using the cmd-line option, or rename/delete .settings.xml or .settings2.xml in case it is there.

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    Looks like "Vista only", but I wouldn't bet on it. I'm only sure that it did not occur on the XP machine after taking those directories over there ;) - Can't say that the problems still persist if I duplicate the directory to another Vista-machine. However I tried to uninstall and reinstall RssBandit and that didn't fix the problem.

    Both treestate and openbrowsertabs are "empty" (<expanded/>, <selected/> and <urls/>). Removing them didn't change anything.

    Removing .settings.xml didn't change anything.

    Quite interesting: I just added a category to "My Feeds" and when I did that, it showed up in the list. It's also added to subscriptions.xml (added = all others are also still there, and the new one appears at the end of the <categories> branch). Then I closed and reopened RssBandit and it is "gone" (= not displayed, same as all the others). So that at least would mean, that there's nothing wrong with the old categories, but it seems to be a problem during initialization.

    I'd say, the problem occurs somewhere while reading the subscriptions.xml and/or adding content to the "My Feeds" tree list. My guess is, that it's just a "displaying" problem.

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    a) Problem was NOT solved by updating to new beta ( :(
    b) Right now, I'm quite sure, that it is a Vista Only bug, because I'm able to use RSS Bandit on my XP machine without any problems.

  • Dare Obasanjo
    Dare Obasanjo

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    Current builds of RSS Bandit work in Vista for me.