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Added book for sundays options (Feature Request)

Posted by Toth 2009-06-10

NEW RELEASE 3.7.4 (Added Spanish language)

NEW RELEASE 3.7.4 (Added Spanish language)
Thanks to: Juan Carlos Diaz Peña <>

Posted by Toth 2007-08-22

German Language has been added on v3.6.0

German language has been added on release 3.6.0. Special thanks to Brian Zahn.

Posted by Toth 2006-11-02


Added option to select between AM-PM or 24-Military hours

Fixed module that allows you to schedule about more than two weeks. Unlocked module.

Posted by Toth 2006-10-31

New Version RELEASE - MRSS

Meeting Room Scheduler System 3 is a new version of DISCONTINUED RSS - Room Scheduler System released today with some new features that will be described here in the future (no time right now to do that)..!!
Thank you..

Posted by Toth 2006-06-25

New release 2.4.0

Fixed admin pages / some translations

Posted by Toth 2006-06-24

New release 2.3.0

Added Catalan language. Special thanks to Jaume Solans <>

Posted by Toth 2006-01-03

New release 2.2.2

Fixed SQL Sintax error on "rss.sql" file!
Bug reported by users... Thank you!

Posted by Toth 2005-12-03